Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Last post July the 4th and now its July the 18th??? How is this possible?? Where the hell does the time fly to in London??
OK well the week before last I managed to do something London-ish and actually go and watch the Tour De France cyclists at Hyde Park!! It was quite mega exciting, compounded by the squillions of people there which definetly made me feel like it was the place to be. There wasnt much in the way of room to see though but managed to nab a spot on the grass in the sun (!) watching the big screen while the bikes whizzed past. After about an hour or so, the concensus was made to retire to the pub. And thus was done. After drinking (lots), sun (not enough) celebrity spotting (negligible) and food (delicious) it was on to some house party or another....the hostess of which I did not know. I didnt stay too long as obv the cycling had been too much fun for me. Managed to just get the last tube home and collapse into bed and that was my weekend in one hit!

Last week I tried to really not do anything as on the weekend was going to Amsterdam!!! Was sooooooo excited as going to Dance Valley...a HUGE dance festival which I saw described as the Woodstock of dance festivals. Anyway, rushed to Heathrow after work on Friday where I met my partner in dance (Tim) and KLM'd it to Amsterdam whereby he revealed he had not brought the name of the hotel (all we had done was look at it on a map!). Normally this kind of loss of control would totally freak me out but I always feel more relaxed in Amsterdam just by being there so we walked into Dam Square from the train station and there was out hotel....the biggest, fanciest looking one in the square. Nice. Upon check in this was confirmed (altho have to admit I think we were both worried that they might say this wasnt the right hotel and we would be wondering around all night asking random hotels had reservations...)

Anyway after checking in we went straight back out again to an Absinthe bar (eeewww but mmmm) which was a bit run down and seemed to be more a place where groups of drunk people came in, did a shot and left. We had a few drinks there before moving onto the club next door (no idea of the name) where we stayed alllllllll night and most of the morning, finally walking the 2 minutes back to the hotel at 5am. "Glad eye" of the night went to Tim who was checked out so throughly by a random girl as we entered that I almost blushed on his behalf. I wasnt as lucky and only managed to get the "rape eye" which was so through and freaky that we moved seats to get away from the would be attacker. Urgh.

Saturday dawned without us seeing, only getting up later to make our way to Dance Valley!! Yay!! It was incredible!! They closed some of the roads and so we bussed there and then there was a half km walk to the actual valley (we met a Dutch guy who told us that and I thought he was joking....). Luckily some entreprenurial people were selling alcohol on the walk there, which I duly imbibed.
It was MASSIVE!! Apart from the actual valley (which I never saw, we got so caught up in the other acts we ran out of time....oh well) there were 8 different music venues catering to every dance music taste there is. I wanted to try them all but it was hard to make yourself leave when you had found one you liked! Highlight of the night had to be Carl Cox. He peformed outside on this HUGE platform like stage thing with his name flying accross in giant 6ft letters. Amazing. I was totally star struck.
After it all finished we got back to the city just at midnight and raided McDonalds (thank god it was open) before actually collapsing in the hotel.
Sunday was a truly lazy day, only leaving the room after 2 thanks to much sleep. This sadly did not work in our favour later that night when we wanted to sleep but found ourselves much to rested). We wondered about the shops and cafes, looking about at stuff and generally soaking up the atmosphere. I was so happy we werent getting a plane that day! Monday was back to reality day and we visited Maccas again before heading to the airport and back to London! The tube back to my house took longer than that flight from AMsterdam....insane.

Anyway that trip has wiped me out this week....I am almost asleep as I type this. Had dinner last night as a fab Thai restaurant and later this week drinks somewhere south and also a bday to go to.....when will I get time to sleep??? Maybe now..

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I am becoming so lazy over this blog! The people are going to be sorry they asked me to participate!! But I will try and remedy that now.

Well first was my birthday!! Was totally spoiled by all and had a really really nice day. I got lots of presents including 2 jewlery boxes, lots of clothes from mum, jewlery from a few people, a gorgeous dress, bottle of wine etc etc. Was so nice!! My friend Alicia took me to dinner also and it was really nice!! 3 courses and a glass of champange and hot staff, very nice!

Lazy and broke remainder of week....only went out to Pilates (argh!!) oh and I forgot, to a bar on Thursday night where there was 1.50 spirits (Belushis in Camden!) and I got much too drunk but somehow found some pool skills. Urgh.

Friday I felt a bit rough in the morning but had to perk up for Friday night! I had birthday drinks at Tiger Tiger in the city, which considering recent events is quite strange! It was great and lots of my lovely friends made it! My camera broke almost as soon as we arived (and for Megan, who had travelled up from Bratnell, and me that was happy hour!) but Alana had hers thank goodness and so took a few pics to commemorate the coming of age! I finally had to concede defeat at nearly 3am...not bad considering I arrived at 6.15pm!

Saturday I was a bit of a goner.....sooooooooooo hungover. I finally scraped myself out of bed around 12 as had to go to another party for another birthday that night! I managed to rough it to Mango first though and spend 80 quid in the sales!! OK so doing better by not shopping at cheap shops but budget and savings not a goer! Bah. I didnt last very long at the party, partly due to the hangover, despite the fruit filled pims I was being fed, and partly due to the fact the rain was washing off the bronzer on my legs!! Embarrassing!! I went home and fell into bed!

Sunday was a lazy afternoon at Brent Cross looking about the shops before also coming home and falling straight to sleep!

Week just passed was not too eventful as I was recovering from weekend previous and also saving energy for weekend ahead.

I had to get some baby presents for my cousins baby I was off to visit (awwww). To be honest the fiasco took me awhile and makes me wonder if I ever want children!! That was Tuesday night. Wednesday night was Pilates, god am so dedicated. Am sadly not svelt in manner of Giselle just yet. Thursday night I caught the train to Glasgow! I got the 11.30pm overnight train which luckily had some space on it so I wasnt too squashed in. It was like being in some kind of open air pig farm with all the snoring! Luckily Coldplay drowned that out. I am not usually a fan but it seemed to suit the weather.

Friday when I arrived in Glasgow I got the bus to Cairndow and was then collected by Linda and Lucie and baby Anna!! She is gorgeous!! The whole rest of the weekend was all spent relaxing at my auntys house and awwing over Anna. Sunday I caught the 6pm train back to London....its the first time I have ever taken the train and what a lucky time to pick! I got back to loads of police at Kings Cross at midnight so decided to cab it home!

So this week: last night I almost fell asleep on the way home on the tube so did some food shopping then came in and went right to sleep! Tonight was dinner with Tanya, Ashley and Megan at Wagamamas in Covent Garden which was yummy as usual....even managed desert! Tomorrow I am planning pilates AND a run! I dont have much else planned for week, Tour De France is on Saturday and Sunday so want to see some of that. Otherwise I really do need to save something for all the travelling I want to the moment I seem to think the money is just going to materialise from somewhere! Bah!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to me....

Well tomorrow I turn 27. I havent quite decided how I feel about this yet other than 'older'. Its not like turning 25 though or 21, its fairly inconsequential in terms of ages but all the same, I feel like something is changing!
Anyway seeing as my b-day is mid year, I have decided to make up some (more) resolutions as a birthday is kinda like your personal new year anyway.

1) I will spend less, make a budget and STICK to it!
This is the most important and I am really stuck between wanting to work as a permanant staff member to advance my career or working as a locum which although boring as hell, pays almost double so hopefully I can make a budget I can stick to and stay as a permanant and I wont feel quite so poor.

2) I will try and go to the gym at least once a week, if for nothing else than a pilates class.
My flatmate is a pilates instructor and she took me last Wednesday. I thought it was going to be all heavy breathing and stretching but I came out feeling like I had been through a workout! And my abs were killing me for about 2 days afterwards!

3) I will try and say 'yes' to every invitation that comes my way.
I am half poaching from 'The year of Yes' here but while she was after a date, I am just after a good time (in the least slutty way possible!! I dont mean it like that!!)

4) I will continue to go away as often as I can, to new and exciting places where possible.
Hello You will be my best friend.

5) I will only shop at Zara and Mango and not New Look anymore
This obv excludes sale items! But I am 27, I should be at Zara and not NewLook. I have started by buying something to wear on Friday night from Zara, and not New Look. NL is cheap yes, fashionable not really.

6) I will try and SAVE some money
See how far down the list this is?? Obviously not shopping at teenybopper stores is more important to me than fiscal responsibility.

OK thats all I can think of for now.
This partly stems from being about to turn 27 and feeling like I dont have much to show for it, which is of course rubbish. Its just that everything is only worth something to me!

Anyway, what else has been happening....
Well the week before last I did quite a lot for someone with no money....on Tuesday I went to see FAME with a couple of lovely mates. I say lovely as it was another 20 quid for meal and tickets deal and we came out the restaurant and I directed us to Charing cross instead of Shaftsbury ave and we missed the first few minutes and they didnt mind. Lovely lovely people. The meal was at a tapas restaurant so we ordered up and ate heaps! As for Fame, I really enjoyed it but seriously, some of them needed to get their faux american accents sorted, they were terrible.

On Thursday I went to see Equus! I was soooooooooooo excited as I am a MAJOR Harry Potter fan and when Daniel Radcliffe came out on the stage I nearly stood up in excitement! I maanaged to restrain myself though as otherwise I knew they would eject me and I wouldnt get to see him naked later. On a serious note, the play was brilliant...I was totally drawn in and they only had 4 black boxes as props for everything. Fantastic acting. And the star naked? Priceless. Its finished now though, we paid top price for seats but it was well worth it.

On the Friday night I went to Alicias house for a BBQ. By the time the food was served there was no saving me...I had got though a bottle and a half of wine. In a panic I realised it was an hour back to my house and so rushed for the last tube and fell asleep on it. I only woke as when we were pulling into my stop I banged my head on one of the poles. Classy.
Unfortunately, 2 days of drunken-ness meant I was totally hungover on the Saturday so I promised myself I would stay in and tidy up my room a bit. I did stay in but did no tidying at all, rather ate my body weight in corn chips and guacamole and watched DVDs. Why am I single?? Am obviously such a catch.

Sunday I found myself back at The Church! Argh! Was limitedly better or worse this time, not sure which. I was with 5 other people this time, all male. I was hoping there would be a few girls but no such luck. You might be forgiven for thinking that if you are there with 5 blokes and you are hit on by an exceedingly horny drunk Irish guy that maybe they might chivalrously step in and assist you when its clear you dont want a shag in the bathrooms but no such luck. During time of said event, one was off pashing someone, one was taking pics of the stripper, one was at the bar and the other 2 were laughing at my extrication attempts. Nice work.

So this last week has been a LOT quieter. Mostly as I have been a LOT poorer!
I went to pilates on Wednesday night with my flatmate. I would feel all saintly at excercising but we actually went to the pub first and then to the class. No wonder I struggled.
On Thursday there was a NIGHTMARE drive to Cambridge for work. I was in a panic as I havent driven for 14 months. What a nice the rain on the M25. Anyway I managed it OK, even though it took me double the amount of time it takes anyone else. Thursday night there was an expedition to Brent Cross with a workmate to get (him) some stuff. I found lots of stuff I liked and mentally spent my next paycheck.

Friday night was a dinner at said workmates flat with a bunch of other people. I took Sangria and managed to get quite mashed off it. We also watched Black Books which I had not seen for ages and found it very hysterical. Am amazed I got home ok, and worse, when I got home thought it would be a nice time to call home and chat to mum and dad drunkenly. Awesome. Sure they liked it too.

Saturday I was half thinking of going to the O2 but it was pouuuuuuuuuuring with rain so went with the original plan and stayed at home. Actually, I went to Asda and got a fab dress for 6 pounds! Brilliant saving I love a bargain. I have not yet decided if this is breaching the rules under my new resolutions. I did nothing else apart from a halfhearted clear out of clothes I dont wear which involved pulling them all out of my wardrobe, chucking 2 things away and then putting them all on the floor as I wanted to go to sleep.

Sunday, today, I had about a million unanswered texts so decided to top up my phone and finally answer people. That done I read all the trashy newspapers and fell asleep, only to awaken to phone ringing and imagining I was in a nightclub. Sadly though (maybe thankfully) I was not and so now have the unenviable task of re-folding and putting everything back that I dragged out and dumped on the floor yesterday. Bah.

Oh well birthday tomorrow.....that always means good things.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Q: WHats worse than the 'Walk of Shame' on a Sunday morning??

A: doing the walk of shame when there was no action the night before and you were just too lazy to get the tube home.

Ah London, last week I was feeling a bit broke after coming back from Egypt so I didnt really do much. Monday, Bank holiday, I struggled to Tescos to finally get some food in, urgh I hate Tescos sometimes! After that I went out to dinner with my flatmate and her friends for her birthday. We went to Souk, a Morroccan restaurant in Covent Garden. She did apologise at the choice of food seeing as I had just got back from Egypt but it was really really nice. One of her friends read palms and told me I would be getting married in my late twenties!! I am 27 in a few weeks, thats late, hooray!! I wouldnt have taken it seriously if it had been bad news but am choosing to take it seriously. I also managed to get straight back on the alchohol bandwagon with 5 champange cocktails, nice work. You can get all kinds of small dishes there so we had a nice selection of bits and pieces and then stumbled home. Urgh.

Wednesday I went to one of my favourite bars in London, Queen Mary in the Thames!! I met up with a couple of people I met in Egypt to swop photos. It is such a nice bar as for starters, its actually a boat and it also has a fantastic view over London! I really like it and the weather was so nice I felt all happy about living here, how cheesy am I??!

Saturday I went to Zoo bar in Lecister Square. You have to get a party list on the door to get in, which I think over-rates it more than a little bit! I went with one of my past flatmates and 2 of her friends and it was great fun!! We managed to get in for free when they mistook us for being with a group from a party bus, score!! We were upstairs for a bit (laaaaaaaaaame, Shania Twain erm, I dont think so) before moving downstairs where the music was a bit better but the men were no hotter. It seemed to be the kind of theme of the night with lame lines ahoy! Was good fun though and I was having too good a time to leave! Luckily Amy was nice enough to let me stay on the couch at my old flat. It seemed like a good idea at the time but at 8am with the sun streaming in it seemed very very mistaken. I dived up and thank god managed to find a hair tie. I washed my fase as best I could but there was still the tell tale red-eyes that I could not hide. Sunday was a really really nice morning also but I was stuck walking in last nights clothes including a winter coat. I thought I was looking OK but the giant bottle of water I took with me might have given me away slightly on the tube, that and my shoes. Also, my tube station was closed so I had to hoof it from the closest the time I got home I had sweated my hangover out!! Straight to bed and was goodbye to Sunday! Ah well, was good fun.

This week I am going to see 2 plays so am excited about that! But nothing much else on which is just as well as I dont have any money! Argh why why!! Always with no cash!! Oh well, at least it goes to good causes, like plays, rent and food.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Before I even begin to 'blog' as it was, please let me apologise for the length of this blog which may be considerable!

I finally got back last night from Egypt!!! And it was amazing!!

I arrived at about 3pm on Sunday last week, fell immediately asleep from the flight (and WOW Swiss Air, def my new fav airline....and that has nothing to do with the swicc choc I promise). I was joining a tour group and met some of them and the guide later that night before more sleep! Next day was when the fun began!

Up early for breakfast....a bit of a mixed bag there of nice and inedible. Then it was off to the Egyptian Museum. Some of the stuff there is just amazing! Almost everything from King Tutenkahmens tomb is there and most of it gold encrusted. I swear they threw nothing away ever, way back when he was king...there were old socks and slippers and even (strangely was he only came into power at 10 years old) a linen condom. I saw his famous death mask and also paid extra to go into the mummy room. It was very very very creepy. It was Royal mummies and they were all lying in kind of glass coffins....most of them didnt look like they had been dead all those thousands of years! Creepy creepy.

After that we drove out to the Giza plateau to see the Pyramids!! Words cant describe these, they are just amazing! Our group, only 8 people by the way, took millions of pics.

From there it was back to el-crappola hotel for a swim and rest before our train journey that night, we were all getting to know each other at this stage and luckily everyone was really really nice! We all met up on the hotels rooftop restaurant to have something to eat and managed a shisha as nice and chiled for the train then!

I dont have much to say about the train other than we got on at 9pm on Monday and arrived at 12pm Tuesday.......15 hours overnight, 1000kms, toilets that drop everything directly onto the tracks......and its best left at that.

Once we got off in Aswan it was clear that it was hotter than Cairo! About 38 degrees apparently! We all had a rush lunch and then headed out on the Nile for a little sail about to our Camel riding destination! That was freaky freaky, much bumpier than I thought! We also then visited a Nubian village and had a look in one of their houses....very primative but very welcoming and nice! Our guide then took us to a local school and taught us a bit about the arabic alpahbet and how to write out names etc.....was very plesant to get out of the heat! Our guide then took us to a local market where we could buy all kinds of stuff, at the expense of getting hassled like mad...I had 3 marriage offers in an hour and kept getting "nice eyes" sems like Egyptian men arent any more original than any others!!

Nexy day was a trip to Abu Simbel....I would love to tell you how great it was but my room-mate Megan and I got sick with "Egypt Belly" and spent the day popping Immodium, only getting up for some Uno playing on the top deck at about 7pm!

So, a day lost, next day was very full. We went to Kom-Ombo temple at 7am which was nice but not as nice as others we would see later. Back to the boat for breakfast it was BOILING hot so naturally decided an entire day of sunbathing on the top deck was required. The breeze created by the sailing gave me a false sense of the temperature, which was about 42 later in the day! After lunch there was a stop in Edfu and we had a horse and cart ride to Edfu temple. The boy driving our cart was only 10 years old! After the temple, Megan and I bargained hard for a pair of Galibeas (those kinda long arab looking thingies that look so cool in the heat..) to wear that night on the boat where there was a disco...fairly dominated by a middle aged group from Paris, but man they liked to party! They got Megan, Bronwyn and me up doing the macarena!
Next day, Friday, another full full day! We first went to the Valley of the Kings, what a desolate location! Amazing to think they actually dug those tombs out of the rock! I went into 2 of them but they were stifling and I started to feel like I was actually being mummified. We were all like zombies walking around in the heat, it was relentless. From there we went on to Al-Deir Al-Bahari temple, the temple of Queen Hatshepsuit. It was fantastic but the hear made it quite unbearable. We did another quick stop and the Clossi of Memon, which is still being excavated, before back to the boat. It was very pleasing to be in such a small group today as we were in a minivan where as most other tourists were in big busses and looked a bit miserable.

From there we moved to a hotel in Luxor and went to Karnack temple, by far my favourite. At one part of it there was 122 columns, 23 meters high each. Some of them still had colours on them, really breathtaking. There was one more stop at Luxor temple, also nice but not as nice, before back to the hotel.

At the hotel there was almost 3 hours before out group was splitting up! Megan and I went for a bit of a walk along the street before the harassment got to much and we went back to the hotel to eat! It was really nice as the entire group came down in parts and we all had quite a good laugh at the very very flirty waiter who gave Megan the eye and all the help she wanted, and then gave me the bill....thanks.

After dinner, Bronwyn, Steven and I were off back to Cairo on the train with our guide. I didnt sleep nearly as well this time and managed to avoid the toilets fully. We left at 9pm and arrived at 6.30am, small relief then that it was less distance.
Last day in Cairo...I was not upset about that!! By far the crappiest place of all the places we visited. First stop at 9am was the Step Pyramid at Saqqara.....5000 years old! We then made a quick visit to the 'Hanging Church' which is weirdly build oversome other ruins. Also slightly notable, the roof is made to look like Noahs Arc, was quite beautiful. Our final final last stop was at the Kahn el Khallili market, I would have been freaked here if it hadnt been for Seven and Bronywn, altho we still got lost all the same! Finally finding our way out, we were back to the hotel in Cairo for a bit of a sleep! Later we met up on the hotels rooftop restaurant for a few drinks and some dinner, was really a very nice ending!
Last part of the trip was getting a crazy taxi to the airport with a random Kiwi chick I met (thankfully, as the taxi was a bit third world..) and then getting a flight back to London and then shivvering in the 11 degree heat and the rain of London...ah well!!

So, with my tan already fading I am really wishing I was back on holiday again and am really wanting to go somewhere soon! Sadly, I have no more leave owing to me so have to make do with, well, NOT going anywhere! Bah!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

People do this every week...??

6 sleeps and I am off to Egypt!! I cant really believe it! I have packed nothing!! I have done nothing!! Well thats kinda a lie...I raided primark for anything made of linen to take with me so it will be nice and light and can throw them away when I am back! Also I finally got my visa sorted...that was pretty funny...went to the Egyptian embassy and a visa is 15 quid.....the lady didnt have change of a 20 so told me to go get some.....I went out and looked at where I might get change....Louis Vuittion, Gucci, change for a 20 anyone?? Had to walk for miles and finally found a chemist!

Well, what a weekend. Friday ended up falling flat but that was OK as called family for chatting and was nice to catch up a bit. Saturday I had the laziest day of my life. I told my brother I thought I was sick as I was so tired but he pointed out I was just laaaaaaaaaaazy. Thanks Neil. The weekend really came into its own on Sunday when I finally did the TNT suggestion and went to The Church.

If you dont know what I am talking about, the web is and its not at all spiritual. Its kinda a bar, kinda a sleazy greasy joint!!
I didn't know what to expect so let me paint you a picture.....from the outside it looks like a dis-used hall, there are no signs or anything so you might not know otherwise. Inside its dark dark (esp as it opens at 12 so its like the middle of the day!) We got there at 1.3pm and it was already underway. There was a comedian on the stage whos repoitre seemed to be mostly getting Kiwis to slag Aussies and Aussies to slag South Africans and South Africans to slag Kiwis etc etc. Not that funny in other words. There was a heaving crowd down the front but we had quite a good possie at the bar and stayed there.
After him there was a stripper....I had heard there was so wasnt suprised. She was quite lame tho, one song of dancing and another song where she took her top off but that was it. Then was some dancing I think. I had consumed 3 vodkas by this stage, mostly as there wasnt much else to do!!
After the music and dancing the stripper came back on, and it was obviously the hardcore section of the show. She got totally naked (wasnt expecting that!!!!) rubbed herself in baby oil, sat on a chair and fondled herself on the stage, all highly visible!! I should day, I was there was 2 guys and while I couldn't watch her (blergh no thanks), they had given up all pretension of not watching and were openly panting hahaha!!
Anyway after that was drinking games, then a kind of amature stripping contest for the guys. There was maybe 6 of them and they all got as naked as they day they were born....was amusing but also slightly disturbing!! By this stage I was totally buy your drinks in lots of 3 so had just had 6 vodkas before 3pm. Crikey.
From there was onto a pub, then another pub, then a pub lunch (yum!!) then more drinking....I went out at 1pm and got home at 10.30pm, still drunk, I got lost on the tube.
I cant believe people do that every weekend! Is it the same stripper every week?? Who knows. Do they ever have a male stripper?? Judging by the dudes there it would start some anxiety attacks among them.
You know I never thought I would go but I had a really good time!! I will be going again I think, just not every weekend!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baaaaaaaaaank holidays....

Well it was a bank holiday last weekend just gone and I started the partying around....Tuesday night, ending last night.

Tuesday was dinner at YO! Sushi with Alicia....kinda an anniversary dinner almost as I had arrived a year ago (cake went down fab at work by the way!). Was very niiiiiiice as always....even when I got a bit drunk and tried to cause a suishi dish pile up and send my empty beer bottle away on the conveyor belt (was not successful)

Wednesday night I went to see 'The Letter' at the Wyndhams Theatre. I got a FANTASTIC deal on which was dinner (at Planet Hollywood - mmmmm ribs) and then theatre for 20 quid!! 3 of us went and all thought that 'Planet Hollywood' teamed with a psychological crime thriller was a strange mix. I have to admit I was a bit dubious about the deal but the seats were just brilliant.....and only the second night the play was open as well (I felt very grown up going to see that rather than a musical!)

Thursday night was dinner again with 2 old mated from of whom has just come back from Australia. Was totally brilliant to see them and I could have chatted all night but my wallet would not allow it.

Friday I caught a plane to Edinburgh to see my cousin and stay for the rest of the bank weekend!!! I was soooooooo excited to arrive and see her as I hadn't see Nicola properly since Christmas! We drank and caught up on Friday night before I almost fell asleep on the spot and collapsed into bed. When we finally got up and got ready on Saturday there was only one place to go......the Edinburgh Dungeons!!! I loved loved the London one and the Edinburgh one was kinda as good, but really not. It was about half the price and prob half the fun as well. Best bit was one of the characters taking a kind of a 'shine' to me and pretending to dry hump me (Nicola nearly cried laughing), threw a blanket at me and told me to "Smell it Skank". Little did I know it would be one of the best offers I had all weekend......

Saturday night I had especially purchased a very expensive top from Oasis for maximum fun times and I feel it was slightly wasted in Edinburgh.....let me explain...Nicola and I went to 3 very very different clubs. We started at the Walkabout (I am collecting the set...) which was OK to rubbish. From there we moved to Espionage, 3 floors of clubbing which was also OK to average. I forget the name of the last club but it was one of the last open and cost 6 quid to get in.....was bah bah. In every club we went to, they played Dolly Parton "Nine to Five". I kid you not. They like their Dolly in Edinburgh. There was also about a million hen and stag nights could tell them from their various states of dress up. I have to be honest here and say most of them were English, could be told apart from the dressed up Scottish guys as there were in kilts (clubbing!!!!)
Anyway after a hellish recovery on Sunday morning, we went to see 'Blades of Glory' in the afternoon. Was hysterical (and incidentally, discovered one of the lines used on me the night before was from the movie...). After the movie we decided to tear up the dancefloor, virtually by ourselves, at the Walkabout. Was very very funny, especially when the mlleted DJ played 'Nine to Five' again, closely followed by 'Jolene'.....I suspect by I say, they like their Dolly up there.
Monday we went to the castle....Nicola and I have a cousin in the Army who does a lot of work there and tried to blag free entry but he wasnt about so had to pay, but was very reasonable, especially compared to London prices! I have been there before and was amazed at how much I remembered of it, but was still brilliant to see again.
Was back to the airport after that and it was very sad!! Am definetly planning another weekend soon.....maybe work some other clubs and see Nicola again!
This week I am most definetly out of cash so am going to try and keep it on the down low....especially as I am already in plans for the weeked....going for drinks on Friday, flat-warming on Saturday and am finally biting the bullet and am going to visit "The Church" on Sunday, unless I can get out of it! Then one more week before the Klaxons and Egypt!!